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The Switchable Omni / Cardioid / Figure-Eight Capsule

MK 26

- omni, cardioid and figure-eight, mechanically switchable
- very broad range of applications
- main axis: lateral (perpendicular to the microphone body)

Thanks to its special mechanical pattern-switching arrangement, three directional patterns can be selected with the MK 26, in the omnidirectional setting it is a true pressure transducer with flat response down to the lowest frequencies.

As with the M 934 B, the patterns are set mechanically, without any useful intermediate position. When the ribbed cap of the capsule is rotated, a system of internal shutters alters the acoustic chambering around the diaphragm to change its characteristic from omni to cardioid to figure-eight, then back through cardioid to omni. There is no functional difference between the two cardioid positions.

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