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The Figure-Eight Capsule

MK 28

- pure pressure-gradient transducer with figure-eight pattern
- main axis: radial (pickup perpendicular to the microphone body)

This capsule type is a dipole transducer. The main axis of its bidirectional pickup lies at right angles to its cylindrical axis.

A typical application of the MK 28 is as the S channel of an M/S stereophonic system. When M/S stereo recordings are made, the 0° axis faces to the left, as viewed from behind the microphone setup. The microphone should be placed directly above or beneath the microphone for the "M" channel.

When an MK 28 is used as a spot microphone, care must be taken to avoid picking up early reflections or unwanted direct sound from its rear, since sound arriving from the back is picked up with full intensity but reversed in polarity. This could result in partial cancellation of the intended sound, which can lead to combfilter effects at higher frequencies.

As an X/Y pair, two of them crossed at 90° are also ideal in the Blumlein stereo arrangement.

The MK 28 is a very rare model - manufactured from 1961 to 1966 with a worldwide delivered quantity of 12 pieces only.

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